How to Avoid  Vaginal Injuries at Child Birth: Health Matters (Pregnancy Corner)

How to Avoid  Vaginal Injuries at Child Birth

This report is for you, If you are an expecting mother, pregnant or  childbearing and If you don’t know (or you know)  what episiotomy cut is and How to Avoid  Vaginal Injuries at Child Birth We are here to bring the solution that’s right, just for you!

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This FREE Report  on AVOIDING VAGINAL INJURIES AT CHILDBIRTH is a an excerpt from a full Course by Nurse Nma (BSNc, RN, RN, Ed).
Our research team found the Course Content interesting both because of the story behind it _(how the Course Creator herself was able to use the 4 steps discussed in the full Course to give birth to her 2nd baby without vaginal damages after a horrible experience of her first Childbirth)_ and also because of hundreds of testimonies around it _(over 250 moms successfully helped already using the same 4 steps technique)._

A Report on Vaginal Injuries at Child Birth:

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If you are a pregnant,  childbearing mother or  wife or a first-time mom;

Then, this report is a MUST-READ for you!
This report is for you, If you are an expecting mother, pregnant or  childbearing and

If you don’t know (or you know)  what episiotomy cut is and how to avoid childbirth injuries…

CHILD BIRTH  INJURIES: Episiotomy: What it is

Episiotomy is a cut in the area between the vagina and anus (perineum) made by a doctor or midwife during childbirth in order to make the opening of the vagina a bit wider so that the baby can come through it more easily.

The midwife or doctor may perform an episiotomy when

  • you need an assisted birth, or
  • when  your  baby needs to be born quickly and
  • when it’s likely you will be  having a large baby, twins or your baby is breech. 

Disadvantages of Episiotomy

Research shows that around one in seven women need to have an episiotomy

Episiotomy cut at child birth is an injury that can cause more life threatening and long term problems,  including increased  risk for tears that extend into or through the anal muscles and fecal incontinence or the inability to control bowel movements (a situation whereby  Stool (faeces/waste) leaks out the rectum at unwanted times).

A surgical operation is occasionally required, If the wound doesn’t heal well and comes apart.

Most women who have an episiotomy find sex painful in the first few months.

The Solution: How to Avoid  Vaginal Injuries at Child Birth

To prevent Vaginal injuries associated with childbirth, hence this report & article

This article was shared by a new friend we met during our  recent research work.

The article  is on how she managed to avoid childbirth injuries in her 2nd childbirth after suffering 3-degree Episiotomy cut in her first childbirth.

The amazing thing is that she has even helped over 250 mothers (majority of whom it was their first attempt at childbirth) avoid these life/marriage threatening injuries using the same steps that worked for her.

She actually gave us right to share a FREE (Sample Module) where she explained a bit on one of the 4 steps required.

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