How to know if your phone is being tracked or monitored

phone monitored

How to know if your phone is being monitored on any network

 Do you want to know if someone (security agents or anyone) is monitoring, stalking you  or listening in on your calls, text and data, then read on to the end and thank me later. 

To know if someone is tracking or monitoring your phone or line,  dial *#61# on your phone. 

If it  shows “call, data,  fax: forwarded”, then it means you are being tracked or monitored  (and that’s not right). So, the question is:

How do I remove the monitoring device from your line?

If your calls are being forwarded or monitored and you want to remove the monitoring device from your line, then do either of the following:

  • Just dial  ##002# to remove the monitoring device.
  • You can also dial ##21# to erase call forwarding on your phone.

After that you are safe to pass your secret information across your phones

Stay safe!  Stay secured!

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