Your Smart Phone or PC: The Power in Your Hands

Your Smart Phone or PC: The Power in Your Hands
If you are reading this article, there is whole lot of opportunities and good fortunes awaiting you, because you have an asset in your hands which is your smart phone or PC.

Your Smart Phone or PC: The Power in Your Hands

It is pretty simple to easily recall the biblical stories of the widow who was asked by Prophet Elisha what she had in her house: and of Moses who was asked by God, what he had in his hands; the disciples of Jesus who did see it as possibility to use 5 loaves of bread to feed five thousand people.
Just like these stories and more, the same is true today, that phone or PC in your hand is and can be the channel of better fortunes for you. But, it is until there is the discovery of what one has in one’s hand that one’s problem will be solved and the story of success begins.
John Dewey, speaking on the need to embrace and learn new technology said, “If we teach today as we taught yesterday we rob our children of tomorrow.” In times past, traditional methods were used but today, w need not and cannot use old traditional methods to proffer solutions to modern day challenges. It is therefore needless to say that embracing Information Technology (IT) and promoting computer literacy is a necessity and bedrock to the development of any person or nation in this 21st century.
A lot of people has not discovered the potential and asset they have in the gadget they carry around as Smart Phone & PC and they know only a little of what their Phones and PC can do for them. While a lot are still resenting themselves and their wards from learning and using the new technology. This is a major impediment and barrier to the success and development of anyone and any nation.
Rather than be a distraction or merely an entertainment tool, it is high time you turned your mobile device (Smartphone) or PC to become an asset. On a general note, Your Phone and/or PC can be an Academic Asset, a business asset and so many more.
An asset is a useful resource that adds value. And rather than use your smart phones and PC for different things that are not productive and profitable, you should certainly convert it to an asset.
This therefore means that your smart phone or PC is NOT an asset to you, if it is used consistently without increasing the scope of your knowledge or adding any positive value and skill relevant in solving real life issues.
I will therefore be correct to state that “anyone who is NOT a computer literate in this 21st century  is (technologically) handicapped.”
I hope this short article on fully utilizing your smartphone and PC and embracing new technologies helps you.
You may also want to know more proven ways your phone or PC can be an asset to you.
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